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The Holy Eucharist

Regardless of where I am in the world, or the language the mass is said in, at every Mass I go to  during the words of the consecration and the elevation of both the host and chalice I always find a smile to be upon my face. Focusing all my attention on the Eucharist, I cannot help to smile and have a feeling of total peace and absolute joy. The God, who loves me so much is starring at me and I, a sinful person am able to stare in adoration right back at the loving God. Then, when I bow, I always repeat in my heart a faith-response from one of the apostles or people made in the Gospel. My favorite of these is the one exclaimed by St Thomas, " My Lord and My God" ( John 20:28). I repeat this phrase multiple times as I acknowledge and reverence the Lord present in the bread and wine.

     In our midst every single time we celebrate the mystery of the Eucharist, Christ comes and becomes fully present within the form of the bread and wine. The Christ, who walked the earth …
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Prayer for Peace

Heavenly Father,  You are the God of Peace, the God of Love and Compassion.  You are the creator of us and this beautiful world that we live in. We thank you for creating us and placing us in this world to show our desire for you. We thank you also for the love you give us everyday and the strength you offer to those who love you in return.
Father, our world is stained with the sins of many. The places we live are faced with the sins of war, discrimination, trafficking, poverty, hate, selfishness, power and a desire for money over compassion. 
We humbly implore you God, to breath your peace and love into this world. Let your grace flood the hearts and minds of all people around the world to strive for a more merciful, just and equal world. May the gifts you offer to the world flourish in the lives of all your children and let the fruits of these gifts bring life to the world that so often experiences death. 
Help me this day, Father of Peace, to truly be an instrument of peace in my …

Ordinary Time

We began the liturgical year with the immense expectation for the word of God, our salvation, to become flesh, to be born into the world that he created. We then moved into the celebration of his birth and celebrated the fact that the divine has now become flesh to save us. We celebrated and relaxed until we became somber and were filled with repentance as we moved into lent.  We prepared ourselves for forty days to enter more deeply into the significance, the holiness and the importance of those special and salvific  days. We mourned with the disciples as our Lord had died, and we waited in silence as he laid in the tomb. Then we rejoiced when he rose from the tomb and celebrated this for fifty more days because Christ conquered sin and death and has given us life eternal. At the end of these fifty days the salvation of the world takes his place again in heaven and we are given the Holy Spirit to continue his mission.

    A lot happened in such a short time.

    We enter again i…

The Language of Jesus

Last summer I spent two weeks in Poland for World Youth Day. I first spent the first week prior to the main events in Lodz, which is directly north of Krawkow. Then of course the main events took place in Krakow, the "city of saints."I remember being struck by the mere fact that their was three million people gathered from around the world; all physically divided by language and cultures but yet gathered and unified under Christ.  It was the fact that regardless of any language division you could still meet and communicate to your  faith family from around the world. It was amazing to see the living fact that Christ transcended all linguistic and all other barriers that would have seperated these three million people.

    Today we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. This is the day when Christ fulfilled his promise, which we have heard in the past couple of weekends gospels ,to send forth the advocate to be with us forever. We celebrate and recall our very own receiving …

The Silence Broken

I remember I was walking home from my bus stop on the Wednesday after holy week, and like the disciples on the road to emmaus, I was thinking about all the dramatic events that took place ( It so happened that story of the Road to Emmaus was the Gospel of that day.) As I walked down my street I noticed that I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't hear the numerous cars and busses at the end of the street, I couldn't hear the birds chirp, or even my own foot prints. Accepting the fact that I may have just gone deaf I continued to think about the greatness of last week.

     I began to think about the silence during holy week. The awkward silence as Jesus said one of them would betray him, or when he told Peter that he would deny him three times. I thought of the confused silence they had in the garden as they waited for the Lord to pray and the shocked silence  when the crowds condemned Jesus to crucificion. I thought of the silence while Jesus carried his cross, and tha…

The Graduates of the Ascension

Last June, I graduated high school and began university. After journeying through four years of high school and experiencing a lot of fun times and late nights working on projects and studying I was finally completed. Graduating was an end and a new beginning. It was a time when I said goodbye to the life I've live the past four years and said hello to the new form of life coming next. As I graduated I felt, as most graduates do, that I was ready to take on the world. That I was equipped to face the challenges that laid ahead of me in this new stage of life. The ceremonies only encouraged this ideology. We were the champions and after these four years of learning, we were ready for university; we were ready to be an adult, we were ready for a new form of life.  One year later, and I can (already) testify that this isn't fully the case.

     Today we celebrate the feast of the ascension of Christ. This is the day when Christs earthly mission has been fulfilled and he now …

The Second Advocate

Imagine the climatic events that surround todays Gospel. Jesus has just washed his disciples feet, he declared to them that the food they eat is his body, the drink they are drinking is his blood. Jesus tells them that someone will betray him, and that Peter will deny him. Then to add to this he tells them that he is going away- that he will no longer be physically with them. Imagine the emotion that is running through the room during each of these striking moments of that final meal. It must have been an evening of confusion and frightfulness. But yet how significant that one evening would become and the affect it would have on the entire world.

    For the first three Sundays of Easter we heard in the Gospels the events of the resurrection and Jesus' appearances to his disciples thereafter. From then on we get different accounts of Jesus and the future of his mission once he leaves earth. Today, is such a reading. We are given the account of Jesus preparing his disciples be…