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That Time I Saw Pope Francis...

    Since I was born in the late 90's I didn't really know of Pope John Paul 2 growing up. Technically I was alive for his Papacy, however, when he died I would have been 6 or 7 and at that point I didn't really know who the Pope was. However, as I  grew up I  knew of then Pope Benedict the 16th but never really paid close attention to his papacy.  Of course, now I know of Pope Francis and he is the first pope that I have fully followed the papacy of.

    When he first got elected in 2013, four years ago today, I remember being in a computer class at my small Catholic High school, not doing my work, but constantly refreshing the news feeds to see if a cardinal had been elected pope. Surely enough as I sat through that class  on March 13th 2013, Pope Francis was elected. I remember, in the excitement of the news, I  had shouted out, " Habemus Papam" in the middle of  class, interrupting the teacher. Everyone looked at me in confusion, to which I said, " WE H…
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The Temptation of Selfishness

     Earlier this week I was sitting down and flipping through the pages of my Bible. As I sat there, praying the passages I came across, I flipped to todays Gospel; the temptation of Jesus. As I sat there are read the perplexing gospel passage, I came to realize that this passage presents a major difference between the path of God and that of Satan; Satan calls us to an alluring self importance lifestyle, while God calls us to a selfless life.  This Gospel, that had, at one point, scared me as a young child, and confused me growing up, began to make sense and all the more applicable.

    I began to think of how often in my own life I chose to act for myself instead of acting for others. I began to recall the times in which Jesus, although tired, never failed to act, to teach, to heal those who he encountered.  How often he gave himself, in a selfless way, when he could have been selfish. I began to think how he gave us his flesh in the substance of bread and wine, and how he died on…

Becoming More Christ Like

Ever since we were small kids we have been told that lent is the time to prepare ourselves for the great, climatic, and salvific event of the easter, and it is.  To do this, we are given the three foundational actions lived and preached by Jesus- fasting, praying and giving alms. It is In imitation of these actions in our own lives we connect ourselves more and more to Jesus. We begin to transform our own lives and become more and more centered on God and others. This really is the goal of lent, that we conform our lives more closely to that of Jesus’. 
We began lent on Ash Wednesday being marked with ashes on our head. These ashes, are the reminder of our mortality as humans- that we are simply mortal beings passing on a journey through earth with the goal of paradise with God. The ashes, marked on our heads with the words, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return” are reminders that we are temporary, that our bodies are temporary and not meant for this world. Venerable F…

Christ Living

" It is no longer I that live, But Christ that lives in me" Galatians  2:20
     As I walked through the halls of St Pauls College, the Catholic part of the university I attend, I notice a painting that has many symbols that represent our province, our city, our college, the Christian and Jewish religion and more. For the first time walking in this part of the college, I was struck by the hidden gem I just found, and I began to stare at it and look at the symbols. Upon further inspection, the top of the painting says " It is no longer I that Live, But Christ that lives in me" Galatians 2:20. I was perplexed at why this verse, out of all verses was chosen for this unique painting. 
    I looked at it, and contemplated, why is this phrase on there, and I was confused, for a while until I thought of it literally: It is Christ that must live in me. 
    The last time I head this phrase was when I was in Poland for World Youth Day. It was a joke among a couple of us, t…

Bartholomew is Trending

 Just a quick little post.

    I was just scrolling on facebook and reading the many statues and articles about the earthquake in Italy. I became deeply sadend when I heard about this quake and prayer for those affected. However, as I continued to scroll down my facebook I saw this on the trending:

St Bartholomew, the apostle of Jesus, is second on the trending list on facebook. I think this is a small way of how Catholics and Christians are evangelizing through social media. Something so small, but can be so significant. I see this as a mini accomplishment for the faith. It also made me smile and I had to share it :) 
This isn't the first time a saint or religious figure has trended. A few months ago, 'Jesus Christ' was trending on Twitter, and some other saints as well.... a good sign 
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How I became a Refugee

   One of the main events of World Youth Day, the climatic point of the entire week, is the vigil and final mass. There we keep vigil during the night, praying to the Lord, and we awake the next morning for mass with Christs representative on earth, Pope Francis. At the end of the beautiful Mass the vicar of Christ announces where the next World Youth Day will be held. Let me explain my experience with this intense event.

     If there is one accurate phrase to sum up the vigil experience for me, it would be, I became a refugee.  Here I was, carrying everything I brought to Poland in my travelers backpack, weighing around 40 pounds, walking down the streets, not knowing where to go, but following the crowd. I was clueless, and trusted that the direction I was heading would lead me to my destination. We traveled for four and half hours in the direct sun walking every step of those nine miles, getting closer and closer to Campus Misercordes.
     When we finally did reach our section,…

How WYD Made the Nicene Creed Real

    On August 3rd I returned back to Winnipeg after two and a half weeks in Poland while participating in World Youth Day. As I sat on the air plane that took nine hours to get me back to Canada, I began to contemplate and review the many unique experiences that I gained from this amazing pilgrimage. That plane ride gave me the time to digest the over flowing plateful of adventure I had just undergone. As I sat there on the dimly lit plane, one phrase was the base for all my thoughts: "  One, Holy, catholic, and Apostolic church" 

 That one phrase, from the Nicene Creed, can accurately sum up my World Youth Day experience. Notice in that phrase that their is a small c on catholic. The small 'c' catholic means universal, diverse, inclusive. All these adjectives were fully alive and evident in these two lively weeks.  Here was  gathered in the 'City of Saints', as Krakow is refereed to, millions of young people from all around the earth, all at peace. Nationali…